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A Deep Understanding of Connecticut's Auto Insurance Laws

When someone is injured in an automobile accident, he or she has a right to make a legitimate claim for compensation to an insurance company for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. Connecticut's auto insurance laws can be difficult to understand without the advice of a skilled lawyer. Therefore, if you have a legitimate claim denied, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your options.

Our Hartford auto insurance attorneys at Wein & Palermo, LLC each have more than 30 years of experience with auto accident claims. They provide aggressive representation and work closely with each client. Call (860) 236-5438 or contact us online for a free consultation and detailed case analysis with a lawyer who is competently trained to handle the state's auto insurance laws and related legal cases.

Common Problems with Auto Insurance

Connecticut Auto Insurance Claim disputes can arise over a number of different factors, but most problems our clients encounter fall into a few basic categories:

  • Denied Claims: If the insurance company does not want to pay a legitimate claim for pain and suffering, medical bills, or property damage, they may simply deny it outright with little explanation.
  • Delayed Claims: If multiple insurance companies are fighting over who has to pay for your medical treatment, pain and suffering, and vehicle repairs, and they are taking an unreasonably long time, we can help.
  • Property Damage: The insurance company may try to avoid reimbursing you for the full value of your car or for the repairs you need. If we handle your injury claim, we will handle your property damage claim free of charge.
  • Rental Cars: The insurer may try to avoid paying for your rental car while you look for a new car or while you wait for repairs to be completed. We will help you help you get what you are entitled to.

Insurance Companies Look Out for Their Own Interests

Connecticut's auto insurance laws are murky at best. The company responsible for handling your car accident claim is more concerned with serving its own interests than serving yours. The insurance company will likely try to minimize the amount of money it has to pay to resolve your claim. You need a Hartford insurance lawyer who will look out for your interests.

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    Attorneys Alan Wein and John D. Palermo of Wein & Palermo, LLC have each been practicing law since 1987 and have handled several thousand cases, giving them a deep understanding of Personal Injury Law. Their experience gives clients a unique advantage when dealing with insurance companies and litigating in court.

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    No injury case is the same. Knowing this, the attorneys at Wein & Palermo, LLC both value the importance of building strong relationships with their clients and providing them with honest and exceptional legal guidance during every step of the process.

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    The attorneys at Wein and Palermo, LLC believe no one should pay for someone else's negligence and will aggressively work to pursue justice. They consider all facts of the case and seek to achieve the best possible result for their clients.

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    You can be confident that the attorneys at Wein and Palermo, LLC will fight aggressively on your behalf. If the case needs to be brought in front of a judge, you can rest assured that they have the competency and experience to plead your case.